Zakia Salod

PhD Public Health Student

Curriculum vitae

Public Health Medicine

University of KwaZulu-Natal


The following is a select list of recommendations I have received to date. Please refer to the ‘Recommendation’ section of my LinkedIn profile for the complete list of recommendations.

Rykiel Ramnath, Studied with Zakia Salod at the University of KwaZulu-Natal:

“Zakia was always delightful to study with! Even though she was much smarter than us, she never turned down an offer to help her classmates. This was done with sincerity and humility.

Zakia definitely falls under the 'Most Likely To Succeed' category :)." - (Recommended on: 19 March 2018).

David Shiller, Worked with Zakia Salod in Different Teams at 2Cana Solutions:

“Great Developer, Exceptionally Talented and a hard worker. Would highly recommend her to any company." - (Recommended on: 9 January 2019).

Mitchell Hughes, Zakia Salod's Honours Lecturer at the University of KwaZulu-Natal:

“I came to know Zakia during her Honours year (2011) as her lecturer for Research Methodology.

She was a focused and dedicated student, whose academic and personal development was a pleasure to watch. She has been an achiever throughout her academic career and her academic record speaks for itself.

She was an enthusiastic member of her class and showed teamwork ability during group work. She also demonstrated her ability to speak in front of an audience and made great strides with her writing. She also consistently demonstrated an unusually strong eye for detail, taking great care in her work.

I have no hesitation in recommending Zakia for any position or programme that will allow her to continue her professional and personal development." - (Recommended on: 9 May 2012).

Keith Strydom, Technical Architect, Worked with Zakia Salod in Different Teams at 2Cana Solutions:

“Zakia is dedicated, hard working and has successfully completed many technically challenging projects at 2Cana, often exceeding the technical knowledge of her collegues which has led her to consult with me or our other Technical Architects.

When assisting Zakia her enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge shine through. These attributes in my opinion should be highly regarded by any employer and should make her an asset to whomever she works." - (Recommended on: 30 January 2016).

Fatima Afrikaner, Business Analyst at Momentum, Worked with Zakia Salod from 2Cana Solutions. (Momentum was a client of 2Cana Solutions):

“Zakia is very thorough in what she does. She is hard working and exceeds expectations when it comes to delivery! A great asset to have in any team." - (Recommended on: 25 September 2018).


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